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Bowling fundraisers make fun and profitable events for school groups, church groups, sports teams, local charities, and more!
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MARCH 17, 2018


Bring your next charity event to new heights by utilizing one or more of these fundraising strategies!
1)  50/50 Entry Fee -  When a group indicates they need between $300 and $1000, the 50/50 party may be the best and easiest to conduct. They are great for Little League, Parent/Teacher Associations (PTA), sports teams and schools groups. Simply establish a date, time and what menu of items will be included at the event. How it works: the center charges a flat rate based on number of lanes used, games bowled, refreshments provided, etc. Tickets are then sold for double this cost. 
2)  Bowl-A-Thon -  When a group or organization wants to raise $3000, $5000 or more, the best format is the Bowl-A-Thon. It will only work with organizations that have lots of movers and shakers. A Bowl-A-Thon is where individuals pay a small 
registration fee and then set out to get pledges from family, friends and co-workers to support their cause. These pledges can be per pin (collected afterward) or flat pledges that can be collected in advance. Typically, in a bowl-a-thon the average amout of pledges per person is over $100. But remember, 30% of participants will bring you 70% of your money.
3) Lane Sponsorships -  Contact local businesses to sponsor a lane and everybody wins! Businesses love the inexpensive 
advertising and goodwill exposure from a banner hung the day of the event. Make sure to incorporate the cost of banner printing into the lane sponsorship pricing. 
4) Bonus Profit Ideas -  No matter what your fundraising format, these small additions can make a big difference in your day!
• 50/50 Raffles • Silent Auctions • Prize Raffles • Pink Headpin Awards •  Door Prizes